The Momo Clock.

There are two sets of instructions for the Momo Clock. You will find the really important instructions in the little drawer. This explanation which you are holding in your hand deals just with the incidentals. And even at that only superficially. This is because I don't want to stand in the way of you and your clock getting to know each other. So for the moment, let's just think of it this way:

Imagine you spend each day looking out over a busy street. After a few days you wouldn't need a traditional clock anymore - you could know what time it is from what's happening outside your window. In approximate terms from the position of the sun. Somewhat more exactly from how far along the streetsweeper is with his work. At 30 minute intervals from what Mr. Figaro is doing in his colorful world. And to 15-minute accuracy from the conveyor line life of the grey world.


But this and much more is something you will have to experience yourself:

Because time is life.
And life dwells in the heart.



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