Momo - The first theatrical clock.

Clocks have an advantage over books - they repeat themselves.
This is why we build clocks which re-enact worthwhile thoughts.
They repeat themselves.

We begin with the Momo Clock - based on the book by Michael Ende.
With kind permission of Thienemann Verlag.


From left: The house of Mr. Figaro the barber,
the Grey House, the amphitheater

Beppo Roadsweeper
The Children's Depot

Mr. Figaro the barber, his parakeet
and his customers
The amphitheater
You should never think of the
whole street at once
Time saved is time twice gained


Many little motors move the figures and the sun of the miniature Momo world. There are impressive sunrises and sunsets simulated. Mr. Figaro the barber works happily at his trade (he hasn't been visited by the man in the grey suit yet), he takes care of his parakeet and doesn't go to bed until he has made a small personal accounting of the day. Beppo Roadsweeper performs his daily task. But in the gray world everything runs like on a conveyor belt. Even the children have to be reasonable.

And once you and your clock have gotten to know each other, you will be able to tell the time from each event.

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Here you can see the Momo Clock:

Edgar and Michael Ende Exhibition, Bergamo, Italy, 10/12/00 until 01/07/01
Kunsthaus Hahn, Apostelnstr. 12, 50667 Köln, Germany, Tel. 0221 9259340
Villa Vogelsang - Hotel im Park, Antonienallee 1, 45279 Essen, Germany



Dimensions 43x43x43 cm (17" x 17" x 17"), flat black base with control circuitry. For clocks of this type, which are a successor to the old musical clocks, we have applied for a patent with the German Patent Office, officially stamped March 28, 2000 under application number 100 16 089.1

Each Momo Clock is made to order at a price of € 5300.
As an option, you may choose the additional 75cm high stand for € 400.
Theatrical clocks on other themes are under development.



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